Puppy & Kitten Care

At Cat and Dog Clinic of Cobb, we know there are few things more exciting than welcoming a new furry friend into your family. But don't forget — amid all of the new toys, photo-taking, and training, you'll need to find a veterinarian for regular wellness checkups and healthcare.

New puppies and kittens should be brought in for their first veterinarian visit within a week of coming home if they are from a shelter or an established breeder in the Marietta, GA area. If your pet is from a pet store, breeder, or another source without recent healthcare records, the first vet appointment should be within a few days. This is to ensure your pet is on the right track to grow up healthy as well as to check for any illnesses they may have picked up before coming home with you.


Puppy Care

Your puppy is going to do so much growing and learning over the next few years, and he will need regular checkups throughout. The first visit will be a full "nose to tail" exam, during which our veterinarian will note any potential medical issues. We will then be able to advise you on everything you need to know for your pet’s well-being. We will discuss your puppy's diet and vaccination schedule. If he is not already neutered or spayed, this will be discussed as well. Following the initial visit, your puppy care will consist of at least two veterinary visits per year to make sure your pet is growing properly and maintaining his health.

Kitten Care

Your kitten is going to grow quite a lot over the next several months, so just like puppies, your cat’s first vet visit will be a full exam that includes a full rundown of your pet’s health. If it has not been neutered or spayed prior, then this will be discussed and can even be scheduled. Your kitten may also receive its first vaccinations during this visit, and a future vaccination schedule will be established to keep your cat healthy moving forward. Young kittens may need monthly visits during the first few months of life, while older kittens will need biannual visits.

Veterinary Care in Marietta, GA

It is a good idea to form an ongoing relationship with a veterinarian nearby, as this will help you keep on track with your puppy or kitten care appointments. If you live in the Marietta, GA region, our team at Cat and Dog Clinic of Cobb is your go-to source for all of your veterinary care needs! Call us today at (770) 565-7472 to learn more or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Rowell.


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