Eye Injuries in Pets

Eye injuries in pets are not an uncommon experience. These types of injuries can happen quite easily and without warning. Our team at the Cat and Dog Clinic of Cobb is familiar with eye injuries in pets and understands the wide variety of different situations that are conducive to these types of accidents. Our team is dedicated to educating pet owners on these types of situations and helping them treat eye injuries in pets.


Common Scenarios for Eye Injuries in Pets 

Eye injuries are common occurrences in pets. Rough play, falls, sharp objects, and even chemicals and other items that are easily accessible to the family pet may result in causing an eye injury. An eye injury may not be apparent right away. However, there are signs you can pay attention to that indicate there has been some form of trauma to your pet's eye. Fast blinking, squinting, pawing at the face, excessive tearing, whining, and any signs of eye pain are typical symptoms that may indicate that there is some form of ocular trauma. Discharge may be an obvious sign of infection in your pet’s eye. The Cat and Dog Clinic of Cobb of Marietta, GA is here for you and your pet when these unfortunate events happen. The sooner your pet receives the right attention and care the better. An animal’s vision is just as important to them as it is to us humans. Our team is here to protect and aid your pet’s vision when he or she needs it most.

What to Do About a Pet Eye Injury 

Before you bring your pet into our office, a cold compress or eyewash may be needed to help your pet’s eye issue. Make sure if you are to use a type of eyewash, do not use contact lens solution. After safely transporting your pet to our office, we will give a full assessment of your pet’s condition and how to treat it based on his or her medical history. Depending on your pet’s situation, we may prescribe eye medications and a possible e-collar, better known as a pet cone, to help your pet’s issues.

Care When You Need It Most with the Cat and Dog Clinic of Cobb 

We understand that you want to keep your pet as safe as possible. But we also know that not everything in your pet’s life is in your control. That is why our team is here to help in those unexpected situations when you need a medical professional most. Call our team at the Cat and Dog Clinic of Cobb to find out how we can help your pet’s vision. 


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