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The staff at Cat Care Hospital is a unique experience in itself. Each member is qualified and educated to provide the best care for each and every cat. Training is a key element to the secret of our success. Continuing education is practiced weekly and our staff is updated with new, innovative, and the most current veterinary products and techniques.

We pride ourselves in that our staff is geared towards client education, excellent client relations, as well as excellent cat care. Once you step through our doors, your experience will begin with a smile, a friendly face, and when you leave, you will leave with the knowledge and education you desire to make the most of your cat’s life.

Do Cats have doctors who are specialists?

The answer is yes. Cats do have veterinarians who are specialists.....just as human medicine has specialists.

Debra Rowell, DVM

Debra Rowell, DVM has been practicing feline medicine since graduating from veterinary school in 1986. She started Cat Care Hospital in 1993 and devotes her career to cats and to the people who love them. She graduated with honors from Mississippi State University in 1986. She earned the Gerri L Grant Humane Award as a junior for her humane treatment to all her patients and was awarded as a senior the Companion Animal Medicine award for excellence in companion animal medicine. She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, American Association of Feline Practitioners, Georgia Veterinary Medical Association, Greater Atlanta Veterinary Medical Association, Cobb County Veterinary Medical Association. She is on the board for the Cobb County Humane Society and works with Good Mews, a no kill cat shelter in Marietta. She is a solo practitioner and manager of Cat Care Hospital.


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